Traffic Management Plan

Shorter Drive Time 



City of Big Bear Lake Mayor David Caretto after July 4th, comments,   “Traffic after each year following fireworks show is always difficult, with so many residents and visitors trying to find their way back home.  Wait times and delays can often times exceed two hours or more.  It is something we have all come to expect.  However, this year, through the combined efforts of the City of Big Bear Lake, the Sheriff’s Department, the CHP, and others, a Special Event Traffic Plan was created, with the help of a traffic engineer. 

The plan was designed to help move vehicles along at a faster, more controlled pace.  The plan involved limiting left-turns onto Big Bear Boulevard and managing traffic with Big Bear Sheriff and California Highway Patrol personnel at major or critical intersections. 

The Traffic Plan seems to have worked very well to reduce wait times and the frustration of motorists.  Many favorable comments were received by the City of Big Bear Lake, Big Bear Sheriff Department indicating that, folks could cross town in much less time than previously, and most importantly the traffic moved along and moved safely.  One resident noted that whereas a trip from Red Ant Hill to Fox Farm normally took anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours, this year it was a mere 15-20 minutes.  San Bernardino County Big Bear Division Sheriff Captain Bradford, indicated that things went very well during the evening.  He’s commented the return home trip in the past took approximately two hours and reports came in, that the same trips took only 45 minutes. The Sheriff  will make some tweaks next year, but all-in-all, the plan was quite successful.

The spectacular Rotary Fireworks show is a great boon to the local economy;  bringing in thousands of visitors each year.  This year was particularly successful, as the holiday itself fell on Saturday, resulting in many visitors coming up early in the week or on Friday and staying until or through Sunday.  Hotels, lodges, restaurants, markets and retail stores all reported very brisk business, which is great for our entire Big Bear Valley.”

Congratulations to the Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake, the City of Big Bear Lake, the Chamber of Commerce and all of those businesses and individuals who made this year’s holiday weekend a tremendous success!

City of Big Bear Lake MAYOR David Caretto