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Assemblyman's Bill

Protects Small Businesses


From Onerous Penalties



April 4, 2019____ California State Assemblyman Jay Obernolte’s (R-Hesperia) Bill 1545 to allow state agencies discretion when enforcing monetary penalties for regulatory infractions on small businesses passed, out of the Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy Committee this week. 


“Over-regulation and excessive fines are forcing many California entrepreneurs out of business,” Assemblyman Obernolte said. “My Bill will give state agencies the discretion to waive fines for first-time violations if the mistake was inadvertent and the business owner is cooperating. For minor regulatory infractions, we should be working with owners to ensure that these businesses can keep their doors open and provide much-needed jobs to our communities.” 

Assembly Bill 1545 will permit state agencies to help small businesses comply with state regulations. It will require state agencies to develop policies that allow for a reduction of penalties under certain circumstances. Discretion may be given in cases where the small business is a first-time offender, the small business takes action to correct the violation, and the small business is unable to pay the fine and might close because the penalty is too severe. 

Assembly Bill 1545 will next be heard Wednesday, April 24th, in the Accountability and Administrative Review Committee.