To Earthquake Shattered TRONA


Photos courtesy of Assemblyman Obernolte staff 071019      


Town Hall Community Comes Together


Representing the 33rd Assembly District, Assemblyman Jay Obernolte (R-Hesperia) issued the following statement when he spoke to the Earthquake Town Hall a community gathering, at Trona High School Gymnasium, 83600 Trona Road, Trona, California, Wednesday, July 10th.    


“I want to thank everyone who joined me at our Earthquake Town Hall in Trona yesterday. All the first responders have done an amazing job in the recovery effort but I am most impressed with the resiliency and kindness of the people of Trona. I spoke to many residents about the terror they felt during the earthquake and the toll it took on their lives. It was heartbreaking to hear their stories. Despite this tragedy, everyone has come together to make sure that their neighbors, family, and friends are taken care of. Although there’s still much work to be done, we’re off to a good start.


“On the way back from the town hall meeting, I had the opportunity to meet with Vice President Mike Pence. He and I spoke about the earthquake and the federal declaration of emergency. I found him to be very knowledgeable and extremely caring. He pledged to help us with whatever is needed to get these communities back on their feet. 


“I am committed to getting residents all of the help they require to recover from this disaster. I encourage anyone affected by this earthquake who needs assistance to please call my District Office located in Hesperia, so we can help connect them to the services that they need.” 


Assemblyman Obernolte talking with Residents

Vice President Mike Pence         San Bernardino County Officials, Sheriff, Fire Dept