Legality of the $1 Billion 

“TransPork” Bill ?? 



Thursday May 4th, in Sacramento, California____ 

Assemblyman Jay Obernolte  (R-Hesperia) requested that the Legislative Counsel investigate the legality of Senate Bill 132, which was signed by the Governor last week.

SB #132 Bill allocates nearly $1 billion to district-specific projects for Members of the Legislature who voted for the gas tax increase.  This type of appropriation is illegal under current California state law. 


“California statute clearly states that ‘the Legislature shall not enact legislation containing specific individual transportation projects.’ As such, this Bill is in clear violation of existing law,” Assemblyman Obernolte said. “Transportation earmarks have been prohibited under state law for decades to ensure that project funding decisions are based on statewide need, not based on political expediency. I have requested that the Legislative Council provide the people of California with an explanation on how the Legislature can cavalierly ignore its own law.”


Senate Bill 132 deducts nearly $1 billion from the State Highway Account and Public Transportation Account to be allocated to Member-specific projects. Specifically, it amends the 2016 Budget Act to appropriate $927 million for highway projects in Riverside County, an expressway in the City of Merced, and an extension of the Altamont Corridor Express commuter rail service to Ceres and Merced. It also appropriates $50 million to the Air Resources Board for a new “Zero/Near-Zero Emission Warehouse Program.”


For full copy of the request to Legislative Counsel,