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Over Chapman Heights Neighborhood

San Bernardino County Sheriff-Yucaipa Police Department received numerous 9-1-1 calls regarding two hot air balloons that may have crashed in a Yucaipa residential area.  Early morning Tuesday, February 6, Sheriff Deputies were dispatched immediately to the Chapman Heights neighborhood. Upon arrival they observed a green and a blue hot air balloon flying above the golf course and nearby residences, at times coming within 5 feet of rooftops and hitting trees.

The Sheriff Deputies were able to make contact with both pilots, and requested them to land, immediately. One balloon was able to safely land in the high school baseball field. The second balloon was able to land safely in the oranges groves of a private residence in Mentone.

Both pilots were identified as owners, and were flying the balloons for personal use. The balloons were reported to have come very close to several homes; although the Deputies were unable to locate any damaged residences. No persons were injured as a result of the incident.

The incident report will be issued with the Federal Aviation Administration for further review of any possible FAA violations. Anyone with additional information about this incident is urged to contact SBSD - Yucaipa Police Detective Donald Patton at (909) 918-2305.