Adjusting to Accommodate

 March 2020

Pastor Eric Hoerger and wife, Lyn are known for their ‘open arms’ welcome at Big Bear Believers Chapel, located on Moonridge Road in Big Bear Lake. Believers Chapel for many years is known for the outreach services to anyone in the Big Bear Valley. The congregation shares in the mission to help  others in need. The pastor and team of volunteers, pick-up food and necessary items and distribute on a weekly basis. The Food Bank is open each Thursday at the Chapel property. 

Pastor Hoerger’s message is out of concern for the COVID 19 Crisis information and its effect the church members safety as well as, the health of the community. 

Because of the recent COVID 19 Breakout and possible contamination, everyone is having to re-adjust their lifestyles, including all school closures, public gatherings, events, especially groups of no more than ten (10), as well as adapting to the social distancing practice of keeping a six-foot distance between people. 

In cooperation with city, county and state specified this past week (March 15th), Pastor Eric asks the members and attendants at the worship services and events, to abide by those laws.  The purpose is to prevent the spread of Coronavirus from contaminating as many people as possible. 

Big Bear Believers Chapel 

42180Moonridge Road 

Big Bear Lake, California  


Believers Chapel schedule changes (subject to change) : 

·       Sunday Morning Services - will be shown on Facebook/bb at 10:30. A.M. 

·       Sunday Food Bank – Open & Available at 12:00 Noon

·       Wednesday - Bible Study & Worship Team – No Meeting  

·       Thursday – Food Bank – Open & Available to everyone in need of food.  

For those tithing, Pastor Eric and Lyn will be present on Sundays, at the Believers Chapel Believers Chapel sanctuary or at the little house.

Pastor Eric, assures us, “We know this is a testing time, but it is a good time to seek the Lord, read your Bible, and pray.  We will keep you updated and stay in touch. “