Bald Eagles Need Us!


The Bald Eagle count for February 9th 2013 HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

San Bernardino, Calif., December 17, 2012 –
On Saturday December  15, 2012, the first bald eagle count of the winter was conducted by local Federal and State biologists and volunteers around lakes in the southern California. 

A grand total of 4 eagles (3adults and 1 juvenile) were observed at the lake areas during the 1- hour count.  There were 2 adults at Lake Hemet and 1 adult and 1 juvenile at Lake Perris. No  eagles were observed at Silverwood Lake. The counts at Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead were cancelled due to road conditions.  The roads had not been plowed yet, making it difficult for volunteers to safely and legally park. 

Juvenile eagles are distinguished by a brown head and tail; adults are recognized by the famous white head and tail - it takes 4-5 years to acquire full adult coloration.  Juvenile eagles are the same size as the adults.  

                                                               Photo by Alan Clark


The count coordinators from the Forest Service and State Recreation Areas would like to thank those volunteers for their dedication in getting up early and participating in the eagle census.  The success of the eagle counts are entirely dependent on the volunteers! 
Remember that human presence may distract or disturb the eagles - so, try to limit your movements and don't make loud noises when they're nearby.  If possible, remain in your car while looking at eagles - the car acts as a blind. 


Stay a respectful distance of at least 200-300’ away from perched bald eagles. Do not get closer than ¼ mile away nesting bald eagles – trying to get a closer look may result in eagles becoming agitated and knocking eggs or chicks out of the nest. 

It is illegal to harm or harass bald eagles.  Please do your part to help protect our national bird!

The remaining bald eagle counts for this winter are scheduled for the following Saturday mornings:  January 12, February 9, and March 9, 2013.  No experience needed.  Signing up ahead of time is unnecessary – just show up at the designated time and location, dress warmly, bring binoculars and a watch. 

  • Big Bear Lake area volunteers will meet at 8:00 a.m. at the Forest Service’s Big Bear Discovery Center on North Shore Drive for orientation. Contact Robin Eliason ( or 909-382-2832) for more information.  Contact the Discovery Center (909-866-2789) for information about Eagle Celebrations.