Eagle-Eyed Volunteers’

 Final Count


Saturday March 12, 2016___ The U.S. Forest Service, San Bernardino National Forest reports the fourth and last bald eagle count of the winter was conducted by local Federal and State biologists and volunteers around several lakes in Southern California.  Several dozen Bald Eagles typically spend their Winter vacations around Southern California’s lakes, adding to a few year-round resident nesting Bald Eagles in the area.

A total of twelve Bald Eagles (five adults and seven sub-adults/juveniles) were observed by 120 eagle-eyed observers during the 1-hour count period, Saturday morning.  Bald Eagles acquire the full white head and tail in their 5th year.  Until then, the younger birds have different plumages of brown and white.

Kathy Williams from Silverwood State Recreation Area reported that two Bald Eagles, both of which were sub-adults, were observed by “33 wonderful participants”.  Ken Kietzer (Senior Environmental Scientist at Lake Perris State Recreation Area) reported two sub-adult Bald Eagles, one of which was about 4 years old and had plumage that was close to the adult plumage.  Twenty-seven participants helped with the Lake Perris census. Fifteen participants watched the nesting pair of adults tending their nest at Lake Hemet. 

Fifteen participants scanned the skies at Lake Arrowhead, spotting one sub-adult and two adult Bald Eagles. Thirty participants helped with the census at Big Bear Lake, where three eagles (1 adult and 2 sub-adults) were counted.

The count coordinators from the Forest Service and State Recreation Areas would like to thank those volunteers for their dedication in getting up early and participating in the Eagle censuses this winter.  The success of the Bald Eagles count is entirely dependent on the volunteers! 


 An adult bald eagle graced the count volunteers

at Big Bear Lake with a glorious fly-over. 

PHOTO By:  Janice Etter, Big Bear Lake  

  ~~ ~ ~~ 

This is the last Winter 2016 count for Bald Eagles this season.  Please join us next Winter to experience the thrill of seeing our national bird, the Bald Eagle and helping with citizen science data collection.  Counts are conducted on the second Saturday of the month December through March.  Contact information:

·       Big Bear Lake and Lake Arrowhead/Lake Gregory: Robin Eliason (reliason@fs.fed.us or 909-382-2832)

·       Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area: Contact Kathy Williams or Mark Wright       760-389-2303; or email: katherine.williams@parks.ca.gov

·       Lake Hemet:  Ann Bowers (annbowers@fs.fed.us or 909-382-2935)

·       Lake Perris State Recreation Area:                    951-940-5600

 See websites for additional information about the San Bernardino National Forest (http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/sanbernardino/) and the California State Recreation Areas (www.parks.ca.gov).

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