​Summit FIRE Updates  


Jonny Bresmahan ​scanned the Village of Big Bear Lake with his camera during the outbreak of the SUMMIT FIRE. 

Photos by Jonny Bresmahan of Big Bear Lake



 SUMMIT FIRE UPDATE: 08/26/15 8:21 am

~100 acres and 50% contained




SUMMIT FIRE UPDATE: 08/24/15 5:30 pm

~100 acres and 50% contained
CLOSURES: Forest Roads 2N06 (Radford)

1N54 (Clarks Grade)

 2N93 (Wildhorse) & 2N10 (Skyline)


Closed Trails: Towne, Skyline, Champion Lodgepole Pine, Bluff Mesa, Grandview Point & Seven Oaks. 


Group Campgrounds closed: Deer, Boulder, and Bluff Mesa.

EVACUATIONS: All have been lifted.

Evacuated areas are open to residents only.  

All Big Bear schools will be closed again

Tuesday August 25th, due to poor air quality.