San Bernadino County

Opens Shelter & Provides Services


San Bernardino County, in coordination with the American Red Cross, has activated the County's Mass Care and Shelter Plan and has opened a Shelter Operations Compound (SHOC) at the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds located at 14800 7th Street in Victorville to serve county residents impacted by the Blue Cut Fire. 

The SHOC is providing food, shelter, health care and animal care to residents displaced by the fire. Cots, food, showers and restrooms are available for residents.

Public information is available to provide evacuees up-to-date information about the Blue Cut incident. Evacuees who have been sheltering at Sultana High School in Hesperia will be moved to the SHOC. 

Evacuees who have been sheltering in recreational vehicles may park their RVs at the SHOC and receive SHOC services while continuing to shelter in their RVs. Utility hookups for RVs will most likely not be available, so RVs must be self-sufficient.     

Various County departments have joined the American Red Cross to provide services, including County Animal Care and Control, which is operating an animal shelter at the site. Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and the San Bernardino County Public Health Department are operating a medical health unit for minor medical needs. Counselors from San Bernardino County Behavioral Health are available for those in need of counseling. 

San Bernardino County
is also working toward opening a Local Assistance Center at the fairgrounds for residents affected by the fire. The LAC will provide a one-stop location for a variety of services including but not limited to disaster assistance, property information, and insurance claims. The County will provide information on when the LAC will open and what services will be provided in a later communication. 

For more information please visit or call 909-383-5688.







Aerial Photos by Don Shade