Refunds General Obligation Bonds





At the June 22, 2016 board meeting, the Governing Board of the Bear Valley Unified School District unanimously approved Resolution Number 15-16-019, authorizing the issuance and sale of the School District’s General Obligation Bonds. The Governing Board is pleased to announce the refunding process is complete and the savings to taxpayers totals $1,729,508.00.

The Governing Board appreciates the support the District receives from the Bear Valley Community and is pleased to announce and pass on this savings to the taxpayers.

Bear Valley Unified School District is committed to providing an excellent education for every child in the District and is committed to high expectations for excellence in all we do as a School District. The support from the Bear Valley Community is key to the Schools’ success.

Questions regarding the refunding process may be directed to Linda Rosado, Executive Director of Business Services, at the School District Office at (909) 866-4631.    

The mission of the Bear Valley Unified School District is to educate,

inspire, and prepare all students to be

life-long learners and responsible global citizens.




Dr. Stephen Foulkes

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Mrs. Cathy Herrick

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Dr. Mary M. Suzuki

Superintendent of Schools 


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