Where’s the Fire Hydrants? 



Buried the Hydrants


January 31, 2017____ BIG BEAR FIRE DEPARTMENT and CAL FIRE have teamed up to clear fire hydrants buried by last week’s series of big storms. Beginning, Monday January 30, CAL FIRE  hand-crews pitched-in to help dig out the buried hydrants on the streets of Big Bear Valley. The fire hydrants are buried under huge berms of heavy ice and snow.  The hand-crews, dressed in orange jump suits, are part of the same inmate program CAL FIRE activates to battle wild fires. 

BIG BEAR FIRE DEPARTMENT Assistant Fire Marshal Nick Bruinsma stated, “The digging out will begin where road departments have completed its plowing to ensure hydrants won’t be re-buried. Duration of the clearing is unknown and will depend on weather and the crew’s ability to clear hydrants.” 

The clearing project began on Big Bear Boulevard between Division Drive and Sawmill Drive in Big Bear City; then work the side streets between those points. When that is complete, other sections of Big Bear Valley will be cleared in a systematic approach.   

To prevent the loss of life and property in the event of a fire, it is imperative that the Fire Department can gain access to a water supply via a fire hydrant as quickly as possible. 

Residents and business owners are encouraged to help in this quest by adopting a hydrant and making sure that it is easily accessible throughout the year. To register your adopted hydrant today go to www.bigbearfire.org. There is a short application to fill out that allows the fire department to track your efforts and extend our gratitude.  

For additional information please contact the Big Bear Fire Department at www.bigbearfire.org or (909) 866-7566. 

Fire Marshal Nick Bruinsma

CAL FIRE  hand-crews

on Big Bear Blvd