Grant Awarded


Program Director/Marketing Director Megan Meadors, of the Bear Valley Community Healthcare District Mom & Dad Project, announced Monday January 23rd a grant has been approved that will fund a new Child Car Seat program that will provide parents and caregivers proper seats at no charge. 

The Mom & Dad Project of the Bear Valley Community Healthcare District (the local Big Bear Valley Hospital) applied to California Kids’ Plates Program Child Safety Equipment Distribution Request for Applications (RFA) in August 2016. The grant purpose  is to provide  funding  that will offer up to 50 convertible car seats to help parents and caregivers abide by the New Child Car Seat California Law. 

The Mom & Dad Project is currently the only agency in Big Bear Valley working to provide the car seats, as well as safety information that is helpful to parents of young children. The Mom & Dad Project’s Community Educator/ Office Manager, Tina Wade, is currently the only Child Passenger Safety Technician in Big Bear Valley community.   

Manager Wade works with families throughout the year, ensuring that their car seats are weight, height, and age appropriate and safe for children.  However the current seats distributed by The Mom & Dad Project are provided through a specific grant that only allows car seat distribution for parents and caregivers that complete a series of Nurturing Parent Classes. The Mom & Dad Project also partners with Loma Linda Safe Kids, and California Highway Patrol to provide a Car Seat Safety Event in September 2016, however due to funding constraints the event is only held once a year.   

With this new grant from California Kids’ Plates Program Child Safety Equipment Distribution, The Mom & Dad Project will give 30 car seats to parents and caregivers that are currently in immediate need.

The Mom & Dad Project will be providing –

10 seats Wednesday February 1st at 1:00 P.M.

 Again 10 seats will be given Tuesday March 7th at 10:00 A.M.

and the last date will be Thursday April 13th at 1:00 P.M. 10 more seats will be provided.

The seats will be available as first-come-first-serve.  Sign-ups are required. To sign-up or for more information, please contact Tina Wade at 909-878-2326.   

More information is available at:  

The MOM & DAD Project is located in the Brenda Boss facility, on the campus of Bear Valley Community Hospital located at 41870 Garstin Drive in Big Bear Lake, California