YOUNG CHILDREN found in the pursued vehicle by CHP Officers of the Arrowhead Regional Headquarters, located in Running Springs.


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Early Tuesday evening, April 23, 2019 California Highway Patrol Officer Williams observed a white Mazda MPV traveling southbound on State Route-18, in the San Bernardino Mountains, at approximately 6:20 P.M.  The Mazda had a broken windshield and a non-functional left rear brake lamp, both violations of the California Vehicle Code. Officer Williams activated his patrol vehicle’s lights and siren to initiate a stop for the observed violations.


The vehicle yielded to the right, into a large turnout. The Mazda driver provided false identifying information and did not have registration information for the vehicle. Officer Williams also noticed two children, ages 1 and 3 years old, in the back seat, not properly secured in their child safety seats. Officer Williams took the keys from the driver and requested an additional unit to assist in identifying the driver.


Suddenly, the driver started the vehicle using a secondary key, and fled southbound on State Route-18. CHP Arrowhead Officer pursued the vehicle approximately 14 miles through winding mountain roads in the Crestline area.


The pursuit terminated on Old Waterman Canyon Rd., north of SR-18, and the driver was taken into custody. The small children passengers in the Mazda were uninjured and transported by Arrowhead California Highway Patrol Officers to their residence.

The driver was booked for evading in a motor vehicle, felony child endangerment, driving with a suspended license, providing false information to a Peace Officer and willfully obstructing or delaying a Peace Officer in the performance of their duties.




Regional Headquarters #31230

P.O. Box # 997

State Route 18

Running Springs, CA 92382