Come Saturday September 21st

Meet the Highway Patrolmen who help keep our roads safe.


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The Arrowhead (Running Springs) California Highway Patrol is committed to providing the highest level of Safety, Service and Security to the people of California. 

Recently, during the full-closure of State Route-330, beginning September 9th until September 20th, the California Highway Patrol worked closely with Caltrans to ensure the safety of all affected communities.


California Highway Patrol officers were stationed at SR-330 and Highland Avenue, to keep all up-bound traffic from the maintenance on the City Creek Bridge and construction work to install the Rock Fall Barrier.  Also, CHP patrolled SR-330 at Live Oak Road to detour down-bound to State Route-18 to the Waterman route in the Crestline area.  The full-closures of 24 hours, seven days per week, for the entire time Caltrans Maintenance worked to complete the project that was damaged during the Valentines Day Storm, 2019.

During the SR-33o Closure, the California Highway Patrol had extra enforcement on State Route-38, to assist with the increased traffic, deverted from the SR-330 project. 

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                     The CHP badge is a symbol of courage, strength, and integrity.                  



  CHP Logo.jpg  The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is a law enforcement agency of California. The CHP has patrol jurisdiction over all California highways and are also known as the state police. They also have jurisdiction over city roads, and have the right to conduct law enforcement procedures there.


The California Highway Patrol motto is "Safety, Service, and Security." The force provides those features to Californians - through active programs, community outreach, and communication. We take a pro-active stance against crime, trying not only to protect our public, but by showing the public how to protect themselves. We promote safe driving for all ages, we have programs designed to teach kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and we provide support to victims of crimes. Help us keep our roads and highways safe. Do your part by driving safely, and reminding others of their responsibilities on the road. Volunteer for one of our Community Outreach programs. Or be a mentor for young adults. California's safety is everyone's responsibility.