I-15 Split  Lane Southbound


Caltrans District 8 San Bernardino reports - Alternating lanes closures will take place on January 30, 2015 at 7:00 P.M. on southbound Interstate 15 (I-15),  south of Cleghorn Road to accommodate the split of a truck bypass lane configuration in the Cajon Pass. See attached map for the new configuration. http://sv08data.dot.ca.gov/memos/files/comalert/012615.pdf

The configuration is expected to open on Friday January 31, 2015 at approximately 6:00 A.M. and will move truck traffic to the far outside lane of southbound I-15, which will serve as a truck bypass. This lane split will allow crews from the Caltrans Cajon Pass Rehabilitation Project/Devore Interchange Project to move into a new stretch of freeway and replace the pavement.

The truck bypass will cover approximately two miles and begin on the south end of the Cajon Pass Rehabilitation Project and continue into the Caltrans Devore Interchange Project where it rejoins the mainline configuration at Kenwood Avenue. The configuration is jointly coordinated to allow motorists a seamless transition through both project areas. This configuration will be in place for approximately six to eight weeks.

Motorists needing to exit on southbound I-15 at Kenwood Avenue will do so by using the truck bypass lane. Truck traffic continuing on southbound I-15 and to I-215 will be able to do so by using the truck bypass lane. Other motorists will continue to use lanes on the current mainline configuration.

Signage will be in place throughout this stretch to assist truck drivers and other motorists with the new configuration.

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