Award of Excellence 

Left to Right- Sherilyn Hammond: Public Sector Partners, Inc. Director, Events and Logistics, Lori Staffler: Caltrans/IT/ Information Technology Solutions Division (ITSD), George Akiyama: Chief Information Officer, Caltrans/Information Technology Division, Paul Allen: Caltrans/IT/ITSD/Custom Development Office Chief, Tracy Geiszler: Division Chief, Caltrans/IT/ Information Technology Solutions Division (ITSD), Edward Lee: Caltrans/IT/ ITSD/Mobile and Web Applications Section Manager, Jamal Karim: Caltrans/IT/ITSD/ Mobile and Web Applications, Chitra Chitturi: Caltrans/IT/ITSD/Business Applications Maintenance & Support Office Chief, Russ Hicks: President, Public Sector Partners, Inc. (Photo courtesy of  Public Sector Partners, Inc.)

Sacramento, California California Transportation (Caltrans) was recently given an Award of Excellence for the innovative QuickMap Mobile App, which allows motorists to view closures, traffic incidents and provides other travel information.

QuickMap connects motorists to the information they need to make informed travel decisions,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “Caltrans will continue to find innovative ways to make traveling on our highways more safe and convenient.”

The award for “most innovative team” was voted on by other state agency peers in attendance at the Government Transformation and Innovation event recently hosted by Public Sector Partners, Inc.

The QuickMap App displays the user's location on a map along with real-time information including traffic speeds, road closures, California Highway Patrol incidents, chain controls, fire locations, electronic highway sign messages and live traffic cameras. QuickMap was launched online in 2011, with an Android app released in August of last year, and an iOS release in January.