‚Äč    America 

Our Home, Our Country  


Growing up in America was the best. We did not know any other way of life.

We went to school, played, had fun friends, slumber parties, band practice,

football games, 4-H meetings, club meetings, dances in the gymnasium,

 youth fellowship at church on Sunday nights.  We were happy!


Our parents were our protectors, we felt safe, and we felt secure.

Our Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles were a part of our lives at Sunday dinners

and 4th of July, Picnics with our cousins in the park,

Thanksgiving and most important of all Christmas with the family!

It was such an exciting time as a child waiting for Santa Claus, Christmas Eve,

Service at church, celebrating the birth of Jesus. Wow, we were so happy, so secure!


It never entered our minds as a child that we would be anything, but safe.

We graduated from high school, going on for a higher education,

some in the military, some going to trade schools, but no matter,

we always knew that we would have a good life, get married and have families of our own.

Years pass, children grow up, we grew older and then times change, really, really change.


What happened to our lives?  Suddenly we don’t feel secure.  We don’t feel safe.

Now, we never know what is lurking around the corner. Then we wake up one morning,

getting ready for a Christmas Party at work. Putting the yummy dessert in the car,

heading out to a fun day, a party with co-workers and friends.

Dropping off the kids at school, saying our goodbyes, and I love you’s, unaware

that you would never see your children again….  Stopping to text hubby, you forgot to

tell him that there will be left-overs for dinner, and that you loved him. 

Unaware that you would never be able to say I love you to your sweetheart ever again.

You get to the party, in a festive mood, looking at all the delicious food,

savoring the treats  and then all hell breaks loose.


Gun shots are fired. Your fellow co-workers are screaming! You don’t know if you are

going to make it, you just pray that you live, that you don’t die.

Then it all goes black………………….

Is this is the face of evil? Is this the face of our America in 2015? 

We are being invaded by evil forces.  This is not the America we once knew.

This is not the America that thousands, tens of thousands of Military men and women

for which they fought.  Many have sacrificed their lives because they believe in

preserving this great nation and the principals of our constitution.


How are our children, our grandchildren, and future generations going to

survive after we are gone?  What are they going to face in their future?

It is definitely chilling to think that this threat is real and is really happening.

For the first time in my life I can’t have that safe feeling I came to expect.

Not ANY MORE. We are under attack! 

Our forefathers will be appalled that our government will not stand up for us.

We are running out of time, these forces are expanding and killing innocent people,

American people, here on our soil and abroad.  Congress needs to demand action.

Let’s end this, let’s get this done, let’s eradicate those terrorists. 

We certainly have the capability. The loss of one American life is one too many!


This Christmas let us all pray very diligently that evil will be taken out and destroyed. 

That we can live in peace and live our lives knowing that we can be safe once again.

This is my prayer and may we gather around and support each other in this prayer.

May God bless each and every one of you and may He wrap

His loving arms around you during this Christmas Season.


Jan Pflaum December 2015 


 I love you and I Sparkle for America.      

Jan Pflaum