Man Rescued from Suspended Vehicle 



PHOTOS BY San Bernardino County Fire - Needles  


Saturday January 9th afternoon, San Bernardino County Fire Department received a report from a man who stated he had crashed the vehicle that he was driving and was hanging off of a bridge. When San Bernardino County Fire Fighters arrived, they found a rented 2014 Nissan Sentra suspended approximately 8 feet above a wash on a collapsed section of bridge. Emergency crews were able to speak to the driver asking him to remain calm and still while the vehicle was stabilized.

Utilizing the available resources at the scene, the vehicle was stabilized allowing the fire crew to gain entry and assess the victim. It was determined that the man’s injuries required for him to be transported to a Trauma Center; subsequently he was transported to a hospital in the Las Vegas area by air.

The driver and sole occupant of the vehicle stated to dispatchers that he looked down at his phone just before he hit a K-rail that was blocking the washed out bridge. The driver had apparently driven around two sets of barricades to get onto National Trails Highway from Interstate 40, near Mountain Springs Road.

The resolution of the incident was a team effort consisting of San Bernardino County Fire, Baker Ambulance, the California Highway Patrol, Active Tow, and Care Flight.