Congressman Cook’s July 4th Message

This Fourth of July we celebrate the 238th birthday of America. Every year this anniversary stands as a testament to the willpower of our founding fathers who joined together and declared our nation free from the binds of tyranny. Around this time in 1776, groups of simple farmers were forming makeshift militias to fight for the freedom of their young nation. It’s in that same tradition that brave young men and women join our nation’s military today. 

I had the honor of serving in the United States Marine Corps for 26 years. I was proud to serve with so many men and women who were steadfast in their commitment to defend our country. I’m equally proud of all those who serve in the armed forces every day to protect our freedom. As we gather to celebrate this 4th of July with our family and friends, please take a moment to reflect upon the service of all the brave individuals who are dedicated to preserving our American way of life. Without their bravery, there would be no freedom. It’s easy to take for granted the individual liberties we enjoy each and every day and even easier to forget how hard we’ve fought to protect them. The struggle for our freedom has been a long road, and it continues today. We must never forget that struggle, and we must never forget the sacrifices that have been made. 

May you and your loved ones have a safe and happy Independence Day!