Taxpayer Update – April 2019

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The long awaited DMV audit by the Department of Finance was just released. It shows a state agency that is highly incompetent, has outdated technology, has a high number of employees who don't show up for work, and a reactive culture that responds poorly to customer service. 


We all remember last summer when the wait times were often more than six hours, customers had to take the entire day off work, and lines wound around the building. Luckily improvements have been made since then. However, the audit shows that most of the DMV offices did not even attempt to calculate wait times correctly, misleading their customers with the amount of time they would have to spend at a field office. 


Another disturbing finding is the high number of DMV employees who miss work. In 2018, their absentee rate was 6.2 percent, which is 82 percent higher than other state's motor vehicle agencies. With many of their employees not showing up for work, the audit found that this contributed to higher overtime rates. 


Today, Governor Newsom is searching for a new DMV Director (the fourth leader in less than six months), to implement the audit’s recommendations so the DMV can operate more efficiently and finally improve its overall customer service experience.


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