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Big Bear Lake Department of Water (DWP) customers will soon be able to pay their bills using a credit card at the DWP office with no fees. This among other benefits is one reason the DWP will soon make the transition to a new customer information system and online account portal.  Due to the conversion, account numbers will change and DWP customers will need to update the number with their payment services after the new system Goes Live the week of August 12, 2019.


Following Goes Live, customers will also be able to use the new portal to sign up for emailed copies of their bill as well as for water-related emergency alerts such as outages. To receive notifications on the software changes as well as updates on BBLDWP projects and programs via email or text, subscribe to the eNotify list DWP Customer Updates at 


How do customers pay and how are they being notified?  

All customers will receive a letter with their new account number around the middle of August, or as soon as the new account numbers are available. In the meantime, a notification was also added to current customer bills letting them know about the changes. The DWP online account portal will be down between August 6 and 12, so customers whose bills are due in early to mid-August are encouraged to pay by August 6 to avoid any confusion with the account number. These customers should also keep an eye on the mail for a notice with additional details on payment options. Periodic updates are on the DWP website, sent via email newsletter, and posted on social media.


What can customers do now?

Customers who are paid-in- full and don’t have any payments due within 14 days are encouraged to enroll in auto-pay using a bank draft. The great thing about this option is that customers don’t have to worry about updating their account number right away, plus they generally avoid missing payments.

To enroll, download the application at  complete the form, sign it and send a photo or scanned copy to The original can also be mailed to the DWP office.


New Features and New Account Numbers

Department of Water  

City of Big Bear Lake

41972 Garstin Drive

P.O. Box 1929 · Big Bear Lake, CA 92315-1929

909/866-5050 · Fax 909/866-3184


What about the account portal?

The new account portal will allow customers with multiple properties or accounts to pay all of them with just one log in. Since the online account portal is completely new, customers who have or wish to have access will need to sign-up on or after August 13. In the future the online account portal will be upgraded to include up-to-date consumption information and allow customers to set up various alerts for events such as unexpected water use or leaks. 


The new system also allows commercial customers with multiple meters to get all of their bills on one statement. Customers who need to update their mailing address, phone numbers, email addresses or information for anyone authorized on the account should contact the DWP right away. For questions please contact DWP Customer Service at 



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