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Mark Meuser’s priority is to guide the Secretary of States office out of the antiquated 19th Century and into the 21st Century. The people of California deserve an open and accessible government that works for them, not against them.


California needs a Secretary of State who will fight to protect the rights of citizens to vote and petition their government.


California needs a Secretary of State who will restore the people’s confidence in open, secure, and fair elections.


California needs a Secretary of State who will utilize the knowledge and experience of Silicon Valley to modernize the way businesses register in the State. 


MARK MEUSER on Election Integrity


1. We have a problem with the integrity of our elections in California and the incumbent is doing nothing about it. 

2. California has the 3rd worst elections in the United States according to MIT. 

3. The voter rolls are bloated and must be cleaned up to remove those who have died, moved out of state, or aren’t legally allowed to register or vote.  

There are 11 counties with over 100% voter registration. 

4. Election fraud is real and happening in California, but the incumbent denies it’s happening. We have our own #VoterGate in the Golden State. 

5. Throughout his campaign Mark Meuser has given numerous examples of potential election fraud, including multiple people registered at the same address. In one case alone, he found there are 75 people registered to vote at a non-existing street address in Malibu. 

6. According to the L.A. Times. The Los Angeles Police Department made several arrests for paying “homeless people…$1, food or cigarettes to forge signatures of registered voters on petitions to qualify initiatives for the ballot.” [

7. All that’s needed is to enforce and implement existing laws, which Mark Meuser has committed to do, but the incumbent is ignoring.

8. Please mention that Mark is an election law and Constitution attorney. 

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