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Animals of America

August 22nd & 23rd Saturday~Sunday  


Elaine Trei began applying a paint brush to canvas sometime in 1970; after her two daughters, Camille  and Julie were born. Then as usual, moms start doing mom things, raising a family with husband John; the painting seemed to gradually go to a halt until 2002.  At that time, the Trei family lived in the San Diego area where Elaine discovered an opportunity to study with exceptionally fine artists, Watts Atelier, Rikki Reinholz, Dot Renshaw, and Linda Doll. She declared, “If I am going to paint, I must paint with the best people I can find, so I learned quickly how to correct mistakes and be pushed to do my best.”

Elaine Trei has several of her pieces on display at Artisans Etc. gallery, located in the Village of Big Bear Lake. She found that associating with some equally great artists she satisfied her desire to learn from and paint with the best. 


John and Elaine Trei have been married soon to be 50 years. John Trei’s career has been as a Biochemist /Animal Nutritionist (Professor /Research  Scientist).

Elaine Trei has been employed by Bear Valley Community Health District for six years as a Physical Therapist. Across Garstin Street from the Hospital, Elaine is the Clinic Manager of the Physical Therapy DepartmentThe BVCHD Physical Therapy out-patient clinic services many local patients needing therapy, with emphasis on balance. Specializing the therapies included are: orthopedics, low back, neck pain, hands-on care and specialized exercises. 

Recently, Elaine Trei went on a photo-safari in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone Park. The photos of animals are references or inspirations to her newest paintings that will be on display at 2015 Art on the Lake, August 22nd and 23rd.  She plans to have those paintings of antelopes, bear, bison, and owls – “The trip was on my Bucket List. It was amazing! Hopefully, everyone will enjoy the new show, Animals of America.”

Since building a studio at home, Elaine now paints daily. “I find that the best artists paint or draw daily and it is time I do the same. For this year’s Art on the Lake Show, I will have new original cards, 4-5 animal paintings including numerous small paintings of the Big Bear Valley that Elaine has experimented with and pushed the colors into deeper reds, oranges and darker greens. I am excited about the new directions I have taken over the past two years.”

Elaine Trei‘s art has been purchased by numerous collectors world-wide. She has been awarded first place ribbons as well as other recognitions to her credit. Elaine has exhibited throughout San Diego County and more recently in the mountain communities of Running Springs and Big Bear Lake. 

To see more of Elaine Trei‘s artworks, visit her website: 

www.elainetrei.com and see her Blog on her recent Wildlife Safari to Jackson WY and Yellowstone National Park. Better yet stop by the Elaine Trei Booth at upcoming Art on the Lake Show. 

Visit Art on the Lake at: http://www.bigbearlake.net/events.  


Saturday 10:00 A.M. until 7:00 P.M.

Sunday 10:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M.

Big Bear Chamber of Commerce  Bartlett Parking Lot, Big Bear Lake