‚ÄčMulti-casualty Incident Training 

Working and training together is an integral part of preparation for

any tragic incident. We all hope we never have to use these skills,

but the community should be assured that your local emergency

response teams are well trained and fully prepared.


Big Bear Fire personnel will host the mock training beginning Monday January 19 through January 22, 2015.  Students include Big Bear Fire Department, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, and San Bernardino County Fire Department/Hazardous Materials Division. 

Citizens in Big Bear Valley can expect to be aware of a variety of vehicles and staff that could be misinterpreted as a real incident.  Also, a strong law enforcement and military presence could include a bomb squad vehicle, a flying black ops helicopter, and other vehicles that are unusual to the area. 

Residents need to be reminded that this is just a drill. 

Day three, Wednesday, a live action drill will be conducted at the Paradise Training Center.  Sightings of these vehicles and staff may intensify on the last day. 

If there are any questions, please contact the Big Bear Fire Headquarters Station at (909) 866-7566.