‚Äč  And The Show Went On  


PHOTOS by Rotarian Dave Johnson

E T Russell ___  Young Andy learned at an early age to make every effort to fit into his father’s footsteps.  Annually, father Skip Suhay began each Spring preparing for the big 4th of July fireworks display for that year, while his son followed along to witness the tedious work that went into the undertaking. Senior Suhay recruited fellow Rotarians and good friends to work along with him.

At age 18, Andy Suhay’s father’s shoes fit him and he was granted a more ‘hands-on’ part of working with the pyrotechnics. With the experience of many years of Father Skip, combined with son’s applying the skills he had learned, the July events of past five years seems to have been more spectacular than ever.

Sadly, father Skip Suhay, an icon of Big Bear Valley passed away in 2014 (http://www.bigbearlake.net /ETNews/Skip-Suhay) leaving son Andy Shuhay to wear the shoes and carry-on with the fireworks project, that have attracted thousands to the shores of Big Bear Lake. 

Andy comments, “Amazingly, the team of volunteers, both from the Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake and Pyro Spectaculars, who I’ve had the honor to work with every year to create one of the most spectacular fireworks displays celebrating America on July 4th.  I’ve been part of the fireworks in Big Bear Lake my entire life and have never been anywhere else on the 4th. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else on the 4th.”  

He added, “Clayton Tripp, a licensed operator of the Fireworks Show, has worked on the Big Bear Lake production for many years.  He was mentored by our previous operator, Mike Chisman who passed away.”   

Clayton attended all the classes and received all the certifications, so that he could continue to be part of the Big Bear Lake Fireworks show.  A smart and generous man, Clayton with his team are here for most of the four days that it takes for the ‘build of the show’ to be completed. His team has given their time, experience, knowledge and even a Kraft service tent at the ‘build site’ to keep everyone well fed and watered, as we created one of the top fireworks shows in California.

Because of the Shuhay team, the Rotarians, the City of Big Bear Lake, the Big Bear Chamber of Commerce, other generous contributors plus the unlimited community support, the 4th of July, at Big Bear Lake was a beautiful success.

Approximately, 135,000 visited Big Bear Valley during the holiday weekend. To produce the 2015 Fireworks Show, costs were near $61,000, which already $55,000 has been raised by the Big Bear Valley Chamber of Commerce.

“We’ll see everyone at the 2016 4th of July Fireworks Show, on the shore of Big Bear Lake!”