California Environmental Quality Act 

Aiming to Delay Transportation Projects



Assemblyman Obernolte, addressed the media at a press conference, August 31, 2015, introducing

the Assembly Republican Caucus “Fixing Our Roads” transportation bill package. 


ABx1 21 is part of the Assembly Republican Caucus Special Session Transportation Package


Sacramento, California, State Assembly ___ Monday August 31st, Assemblyman Jay Obernolte (R-Hesperia) announced the introduction of ABx1 21 in the first extraordinary session, a bill that would support transportation projects by limiting misuses of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

“Lawsuits are often used under CEQA to stall a road project for reasons completely unrelated to the environment,” Obernolte said.

“These delays, which can last for five years or longer, can disqualify a project from receiving critical funding and suspend job opportunities for hard working Californians.”

Specifically, the bill extends judicial relief for road improvements or construction projects by allowing minor corrections to an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) without interrupting the entire project. A court would be prohibited from halting a project unless it finds significant threats to public health and safety, an irreplaceable Native American resource, or the natural ecology. Projects would still be required to undergo a full CEQA review and comply with all mitigation measures mandated in the EIR, including those required in subsequent litigation.

“It is crucial to our economy that we have a strong transportation network that can reliably move goods and services,” said Obernolte. “Prioritizing the construction and maintenance of our roads will also ensure that working parents can spend more time at home with their families rather than spending endless hours stuck in traffic due to highway congestion.”