The mission statement of the Big Bear Airport District is ‘Serve the Big Bear Valley by providing a safe, efficient and superior venue for aviation operations.’



TOP: Jeff Leonard, Mead & Hunt Architect and Airport General Manager Dustin Leno

BOTTOM: Airport Board President Steve Baker, Jeff Leonard,

 CSD Board Director Al Ziegler and Airport Board Director Steve Castillo



By E T Russell ____ Especially, in the past two years the Big Bear Airport Board of Directors and Staff has focused on planning and working at making big changes at the Valley’s mountain-top airport. 2017 will see several major changes in the terminal building (interior & exterior), the landing strip, a larger and more efficient fuel farm, solar energy project and more improvements as the renewal process unfolds into the new year.  

Saturday November 5th, the public was invited to enjoy the Know Your Airport and Hospitality event, with the principals providing strategic plans, visuals, equipment and informative ideas of more than a airport facelift but a refreshing, more inviting community aviation center.





Snow Removal Plows preparing for Winter 2017

 Big Bear Airport General Manager Dustin Leno has submitted the following information. 

The Big Bear Airport has been in continuous operation since 1928. From our early roots as a grass strip and Army Air Corp training facility to our modern 5850 foot single paved general aviation runway, we are here to serve the community. The Big Bear Airport consists of 117 acres, 105 hangars, 270 tie-down spaces, and (5) Type-1 heavy helicopter concrete pads. 

Current and future improvements include: new state-of-the-art LED runway and taxiway lighting systems, a modern self-serve Jet A/Avgas fueling facility with two 15,000 gallon tanks, numerous solar-panel arrays throughout the airport, a renovation of the existing terminal building, a new Snow Removal Equipment building, and plans for a fly-in airport campground.

The Big Bear Airport markets itself and the Big Bear Valley, to attract tourism and business to our region. We are a proud partner in community events, job fairs, and host a 2017 Biennial Air Fair, that you won’t want to miss. The Big Bear Airport actively promotes and supports events and organizations such as Young Eagles, Youth Aviation Adventure, and the Civil Air Patrol to promote aviation and aviation-related careers to our local youth. 

The residents of Big Bear Valley appreciate and know that the Big Bear Airport facilitates emergency medical, fire, law enforcement, and search and rescue operations. During a natural disaster the Airport may be the only access to the Valley by responding relief agencies, while local highways may be impassable due to damage. Medical evacuations in our remote mountain community are possible at the Big Bear Airport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.