SCOTT HUELE of Big Bear City Community Services District

Monday evening, March 6, 2017, Big Bear City, California – Scott Heule, the General Manager of the Big Bear City Community Services District (BBCCSD) since 2014, announced he will retire from his position as head of the agency on July 21, 2017

During his tenure at the BBCCSD the district adopted its first ever official agency Mission Statement and five-year strategic plan, and updated its branding to help celebrate the agency’s 50th anniversary. “It has been a high honor to serve the citizens and visitors of Big Bear City and work with a dedicated Board of Directors and highly professional staff providing water, sewer and trash collection in Big Bear City”, Heule said.

Heule went on to say that “I believe the BBCCSD has made important strides during my tenure. It has become a better educated and more professional organization from the newest staff member all the way to the Board of Directors. In fact, the BBCCSD Board will be recognized later this year in Special District Governance by the California Special District Association when the final Board member completes the Special District Governance Academy”. 

When notifying his Board about his retirement Mr. Heule said “I have had a unique opportunity to serve the domestic water supply interests of the residents and visitors of Big Bear Valley in both the private and public setting since the late 1980’s. The staff here is a valuable professional resource for both the District and the valley and provides an invaluable service to our customers. They do not get the credit they deserve. I value the time I have been able to serve with them”.  

Beginning in 2003, Mr. Heule has served the Big Bear community in senior leadership positons, first at the City of Big Bear Lake Department of Water and Power, then at the Big Bear Municipal Water District prior to joining the BBCCSD. Before joining the staff at CBBLDWP he was appointed to and served six years on the Board of Commissioners at the CBBLDWP during the 1990’s. 

Mr. Heule says “after spending the past 14 years in management in the public sector and 26 years working for private engineering companies, I would like to transition into a more relaxed atmosphere of spending time traveling with my wife Jackie and our five grandchildren and maybe some part-time hydrogeology consulting”. 

John Green, Board President said “As you can imagine all of us were surprised by Scott’s announcement. We have appreciated his leadership and service to the agency and wish him all the best.” 

The BBCCSD Board of Directors will immediately begin an exhaustive and thorough search for his replacement.



CSD General Manager Heule comments “I have had a unique opportunity to serve the domestic water supply interests of the residents and visitors of Big Bear Valley