‚Äč  If You have, go again! 

…. To the CATS 20th Year Celebration!

__ E T Russell ___ A Gala, Variety Show & Retrospect is an exciting journey down memory lane of the many productions that have been years of local theatre played out on stage at the Big Bear Lake Performing Arts Center by the Community Arts Theater Society actors; we know them as CATS and under the direction of one talented lady Karen Rachels.  Hundreds of local children as well as adults have grown-up through the years going to rehearsals of singing and dancing for months previous the next season’s production. This past month audiences have recalled the productions of ‘Annie Get Your Gun’, ‘Odd Couple’, ‘Oliver’, ‘Oklahoma’, ‘My Fair Lady’ and on, and on of many musical Broadway favorites played on the stage. There’s one special segment of ‘Les Miserables’ that is truly ‘pro’. More than sixty productions reviewed in one night.

As one of the local actors in several shows, I was delighted sitting among others in the audience when the production opened early this month. We would laugh at many of the recalls as they appeared on the screen; and our hearts were warmed when we’d see some of the many loved ones that have passed. Many of us amateurs signed up for just the pure fun and social but many stayed involved for years, with what has become an extended family. What sweet memories! Through the years some of those ‘greats’ relocated out of Big Bear Valley, but they scheduled rehearsals for the shows that they felt particularly drawn to be in or be sure they at least attended their favorite productions.

The 20th Celebration is a collection or rather a selection of  ‘best of the best’ of all the twenty years of actors and shows on video retros by Paul Minton and Bob Perry, especially written and directed by Karen Sarge Rachels. The breaks between the screen shots are live performances on stage or out-takes mostly incredible dancing, reminding of the particular production. Oh, yea! How many of us watched as small children grew up into adulthood in those twenty years? Was that a bit revealing of age? Great job, Sarge, you did it!  

And a special treat, you can have a free glass of champagne or lemonade with a ‘20th cupcake’ for each paid admission!

Okay, as I said, if you haven’t been in the past few weeks to the CATS 20th Year Celebration, GO! If you’ve been, Go Again! Three performances left. Friday November 28th, Saturday November 29th and Sunday’s matinee.

See Calendar of Events f http://www.bigbearlake.net/events for times and ticket information. For further information call the PAC box office at 808-866-4979.