Assemblyman 33rd District Obernolte 

 goes to Sacramento  


Cameras had a challenge shooting against TV and room lights when capturing Obernolte’s expressions of gratitude to his family and friends, gathered for the rally on Tuesday evening. PHOTO courtesy of Annette Karnes


  E T Russell ___ The Honorable Mayor Jay Obernolte of the City of Big Bear Lake, California is in Sacramento today, Wednesday November 5, 2014. As Assemblyman Jay Obernolte, set his lear-jet down at Sacremento’s airport, he rolled up his sleeves to go to work at the new job.  

When the lights went out midnight Tuesday, Obernolte was leading in the election race for the California Assembly 33rd District by 68%. At the evening rally, friends toasted to the newly elected Assemblyman Jay Obernolte!

Focusing on the theory ‘act as though’ during the preliminary months, Obernolte has put himself in the middle of the state’s government, getting acquainted with the states elected officials and the issues in front of them.  Those that have observed Obernolte at a City Council, or at his previous roles as the Big Bear City Airport Board of Directors, as owner of FarSight Studios, as a Director on the Mojave Desert and Mountain Integrated Waste JPA Board, the Mountain Area Regional Transit Authority Board, and on the League of California Cities Desert-Mountain Division; know he knows the job at hand thoroughly.

Obernolte’s campaign slogan, ‘Prepared to bring a business approach to Sacramento’ now will be the Assemblyman’s mission for the years to come.  

This author has watched Mayor Obernolte at City Council accurately examining each and every issue that comes before the council. When challenged with difficult situations that the public presents, Obernolte will try to put himself in their shoes and fairly see the benefits before drawing a conclusion. These are some of the reasons or observations the residents of Big Bear Valley feel qualifies Jay Obernolte to carry the responsibilities as Assemblyman.  

With a brief flashback of how Jay Obernolte arrived at this position City Councilman Bill Jahn announced the victory of Assemblyman Jay Obernolte. Accepting the new role, Jay Obernolte acknowledged the gratitude he had for the incredible support from many in the Big Bear Valley and surrounding communities that are part of the large 33rd District. Most of all he shared how the support began at home with the Mrs., his wife Heather of seventeen years, and sons Hale and Troy. It’s been evident that not only their verbal support was important but the family pitching-in and physically being active as a team has lead to the successful victory.  A few months ago, the family located a home away from Big Bear Lake home, near the Capital in Sacramento.  

During the months leading up to November 4th, in his campaign speeches to many groups on the mountain as well as the desert communities, Jay Obernolte stated:

“I’m running for the State Assembly because I believe our government in Sacramento is dysfunctional and that it’s time to bring a business approach to solve the serious issues facing our economy.  More importantly, I’m running because too many of our neighbors remain out of work and those that are working face higher taxes to pay for our state’s out-of-control spending.  

For the first time in years, a combination of slow economic recovery and higher taxes has resulted in a state budget surplus.  Unfortunately, it’s clear our state government plans to squander this surplus by increasing spending on programs that do nothing to create new jobs in our community.  I feel this is extremely irresponsible.  We need to put our fiscal house in order by paying down our debt and establish a rainy day fund to guard against future economic downturns.

I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve built a successful business that employs good people and I’ve made a positive impact as Mayor.  Over the next few months I plan to share my conservative economic ideas to create jobs, eliminate wasteful government spending, and protect taxpayers.  My hope is that these ideas can bring people together as one voice for our region in the fight for lower taxes and to reform our dysfunctional state government,” said Obernolte.

Obernolte will be sworn-in as Assemblyman on December first 2014. Now, we can look forward to a more positive outcome with Assemblyman Jay Obernolte of the California Assembly 33rd District. ‘Stay tuned’ …. as John Grandi used to say, for the rest of the Assemblyman’s story!