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Bear Valley Community Hospital Board of Directors Barbara Willey, Assemblyman Jay Obernolte, Donna Nicely, and Rob Robbins at the Capital in Sacramento, California

 ___E T Russell ___ Bear Valley Community Hospital Board of Directors Donna Nicely, Barbara Willey and Rob Robbins went to Sacramento to attend a conference presented by the Association of California Hospital Districts.

The purpose of the ACHD Conference is to train and better acquaint hospital Trustees/Board members with their roles, both legally and culturally.  Various speakers gave in-depth speeches on the Brown Act, governance, reading financial statements and described behaviors that make for a good working board. All three Directors felt the conference to be beneficial to their serving on the Bear Valley Hospital Board and that it was great networking, benchmarking and educational.

Rob Robbins reports, “As representatives of the BVCHD we, individually made strong efforts to meet members from other hospital boards.  We learned and confirmed many things impacting rural hospitals in today's marketplace.” 

After, 33rd District Assemblyman Jay Obernolte, also completed his meeting with other representatives of the ACHD; he and wife, Heather met with Nicely, Willey and Robbins. Obernolte personally guided them on a tour of the California Capital including introductions of his staff. Heather pointed out the gargoyles hidden around in the Capital building from the original contractors as a form of personal signage.  The Assemblyman has been assigned to several governmental committees and has made great strides in becoming acquainted with his new position.

The Directors felt the whole experience of the ACHD Conference and the hospitality of the Assemblyman brought a closer communication between the Big Bear Valley Hospital and the judicial system in Sacramento.