The STORM of Storms 


The story by Jonny____ 

Here we are on Valentine’s Day!   

So today (February 14, 2019, Big Bear Lake, California) I watched as a large tree came crashing to the ground and four creeks overflowing main the roads. The non-stop rain and snow spilled over into rivers of water hurrying down Big Bear Boulevard. 


There were several locations throughout Big Bear Valley, the electric power was out including major street lights. The authorities were setting up roadblocks and closures because of high-water flooding. In spite of warning signs, cars dared the inevitable and drove into the flooded streets. Next the drivers would be calling for tow-trucks!

Back home our storm-watching observation focused on the extreme high-wind force; I watched the neighbor's roof literally peel off, shingle-by-shingle while discovering new leaks creeping into our house. 


Creek now river (2).JPG       Culvert flooded.JPG


Previous to the storm, our green house had a beautiful front-yard that now is a creek on Sierra Trail. The muddy water and slush blew open the fence, forcing its own pathway.  The culvert to our drive is overflowing and the bottom of Tennessee Lane, which is our street, is a dirty brown river instead of clean pavement.


Front yard.JPG      Our Street 2.2019.JPG


See my four pictures that I risked my life taking them. It is so scary to drive in and scary to walk out into the unpredictable weather. Trees are bending and are breaking all over town; I saw a tree in front of the big Bear Sheriff Station just topple over and just miss a car. I never had seen a tree snap like that!

Fun stuff?!  Okay, did I say pictures, yes I did. Only on our street though. Water too deep to venture out more.


Written by Jonny Bresnahan & Lisa Patterson