Do Not RISK IT!!


Big Bear Fire Department Performs Ice Rescue Training



  • Big Bear Fire Department Station 282 Crews performed an Annual Training in the icy covered waters of Big Bear Lake this week.    

The purpose of the Ice Rescue Training is to keep up the crew-team’s skills and techniques and be prepared to respond at a moment’s notice when someone might be in distress on the lake-ice. 

Due to warmer weather conditions of the past few years, the crew hasn’t had an opportunity to continue their training, nor train new Fire Department personnel.   

  • With the optimal ice conditions Monday, February 11th, the Big Bear Fire Crew took advantage of the colder temps for Ice Rescue Training.

  • The department was fortunate to also be able to incorporate new personnel with its veteran firefighters while training Monday morning. 

  • Ice Rescue Training includes one firefighter portraying a victim on the ice and one crew member who will engage in the ice rescue. The remainder of the crew stays on shore monitoring communications and the safety line.   

  • Everyone is reminded to Stay Off Lake Ice! and Keep Pets Off Lake Ice! 

  •  from the danger as well. Stay Off Lake Ice! signs are posted around the lakeshore warning people of the danger. Anyone observed walking on lake ice is subject to a fine. 

  • Rescuing individuals or animals that have fallen through the ice is very risky business for both the victim and rescuer. 


Big Bear Lake Ice sign