Paul Cook Voted For BILL HR 2810

National Security Legislation

Railroad spur at Army National Training Center at Fort Irwin

July 14, 2017____   Washington D C, Representative Paul Cook (R-Apple Valley) voted for HR 2810, the annual National Security Authorization Bill HR 2810. The bill passed the House overwhelmingly with bipartisan support.

This year’s Bill takes several vital steps to strengthen the readiness of our military. It increases the size of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Army Guard and Reserve, Naval and Air Reserve, and Air Guard. Bill HR 2810 also provides the largest pay increase to the military in eight years.  

In addition, it also makes up for critical maintenance shortfalls and begins significant acquisition reforms.   

Bill HR 2810 also includes language Representative Cook proposed, that will aid important local projects. 

First, it begins the process for construction of a railroad spur at Fort Irwin’s National Training Center near Barstow, California. The railroad spur would link the Army Base to an existing freight rail-line and would facilitate quick loading and unloading of military vehicles and equipment. Completion of this project would result in increased efficiency and would save taxpayer dollars by way of reduced transportation costs.    

Currently, U.S. Army vehicles headed to Fort Irwin, California, for training rotations must use specialized truck transport to travel 40 miles from Barstow at a cost of $5.6 million dollars annually, costs which continue to rise.  

Secondly, Bill HR 2810 includes language to help the City of Twentynine Palms and the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center begin negotiation for the construction of a joint wastewater treatment facility. There is currently no community sewage system, and wastewater is disposed of through individual septic tank and tile field disposal systems.  

Representative Paul Cook’s amendment encourages the military to cooperate with other governmental authorities, such as the City of Twentynine Palms, to provide utility services that may be mutually beneficial to both the military and the local community. 

       Representative Paul Cook comments, “While the world has grown more dangerous, our military has become smaller in recent several years. This Bill gives our troops the support and resources they deserve. It provides our men and women in uniform with a much-deserved raise, while ensuring they have the training and equipment they need to face threats around the world.

This year’s National Security Bill also includes language I drafted to advance important projects in my district. I look forward to seeing it signed into law.”    

U.S. Marine Paul Cook      

PAUL COOK is a member of the House Natural Resources, Armed Services, and Foreign Affairs Committees, Cook served as an infantry officer and retired after 26 years as a Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps. During his time in combat, he was awarded the Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts.