Lighten Your HEARTS

E T Russell ____ Melodic tones are heard all over Big Bear Valley, especially in the summertime. Have you ever imagined that you’re hearing the Carpenters?  Helen Reddy singing ‘I am Woman’?  Often Joy and Joey Sellarole ‘are the music’ that guests enjoy at the Wine Room at Wolf Creek Resort. This duo team is the Heart Lights that can be heard on Friday evenings in the Village of Big Bear Lake. Recently, they entertained at the 40th Anniversary Celebration for the Bear Valley Community Hospital.


Friends and shoppers began hearing this delightful couple entertaining ten years ago, during the holidays at the Haus & Home Furniture when the store was located in the Interlaken shopping center. Joe Sellarole would take his keyboard and set up in front of the store. Haus and Home owner Al Ferguson, former member of the Hondelles, would join Joe with his guitar.  Joe’s wife, Joy would join in, too. A friend became very impressed with the singing group as well as Joe’s unique style of making the keyboard do incredible arrangments. She encouraged Joe (now spelled Joey) and Joy to organize and promote themselves as the ‘Heart Lights’. It seemed like a burst of new energy for the Heart Lights that soon brought new gigs, weddings, events, private parties, and holiday occasions, not to mention their music ministry with local church services.


The Sellarole’s joined CATS, Community Arts Theater Society that really filled the acting bill for Joe’s talent for comedy; probably rubbed-off from his days with Disneyland. Joy has confidentially developed into an out-going, professional singer. In June, the Scare Crow was characterized by Joe.


Saturday August 18th, the internationally known theatre organist, Bob Salisbury, will play his famous underscoring for the 1927 classic silent movie, College starring Buster Keaton. The event is a benefit for CATS and the CATS Warehouse Theater.  Heart Lights will entertain during the dinner starting at 6:30 P.M. Showtime and information is available at or at the Broadway Café at 909-585-7682


Joy and Joey Sellarole, rather the Heart Lights are available for engagements, business events, private parties and special occasions by contacting them at: