Spectacular Fireworks Show

Natural fireworks at Sunset over Big Bear Lake

by Rotarian Dave Johnson

The annual Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake Fireworks Show on July 4th was again a spectacular event for Valley residents and the nearly 135,000 visitors who flocked to Big Bear Valley for the holiday weekend.  The show, which cost this year about $61,000, certainly looked like and lasted like a much more expensive show, due to the tremendous volunteer efforts of local Rotarians who donate hundreds of hours to build the barges, assemble the fireworks boxes, shovel tons of sand, set the explosives and rig the wiring necessary to create the show. 

This annual event has been sponsored by the Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake for many years, and the Club outdid itself again this year, with at least 5 ten inch shells to top off the night of dazzling displays.  The finale is always something to behold and this year was no different.

Hundreds of boats gathered on the Big Bear Lake to be up close to the fireworks barges as the pyrotechnics exploded over the lake and fell harmlessly into the water.  Thousands more gathered along the shore all around the lake and in homes overlooking the lake to enjoy one of the most spectacular fireworks displays anywhere. 

A flyover by a C17 transport plane began the evening at about 7:45 P.M., and mostly patriotic music from KBHR 93.3 FM synchronized with the entire fireworks show. Then the traditional and humorous Big Bear Lake song, written and sung by Mel Blanc of Looney Tunes, with those in the crowd singing the along, ques that the show is about to begin.


Through the combined efforts of the City of Big Bear Lake, the Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake and the Big Bear Chamber of Commerce, funds are raised through donations to offset the cost of this unique fireworks display.  As of this writing more than $55,000 has been raised by the Chamber of Commerce of Big Bear Valley.  By agreement, any costs not covered by donations are paid for by the City of Big Bear Lake.  The actual cost to the City will be quite small again this year because of the generosity of local residents and businesses, many of which greatly benefit from the large number of visitors who come to see this outstanding show. 

Congratulations to all concerned for another wonderful Big Bear Valley event! 

 City of Big Bear Lake MAYOR David Caretto