‚ÄčBVCHD Under the Stethoscope 

__ E T Russell__ The search for a possible affiliation with Southern California hospitals and Bear Valley Community Healthcare District, began early in 2014. The BVCHD Board of Directors selected an Ad Hoc Committee.  Those chosen were: Donna Nicely BVCHD Board of Directors, Barbara Willey BVCHD Board of Directors, Ray Hino CEO BVCHD, Helen Walsh President of BVCHD Foundation, Kathy Norris HR Director, Wade Sturgeon COO/CFO, and Dr. Norman. Donna Nicely was elected as the Ad Hoc Committee Chairperson. The public was invited to attend the open sessions.  Walter Kopp President and CEO of Medical Management Service was a consultant to the committee. Kopp resides in San Anselmo, California.  

Bear Valley Community Health District CEO Raymond Hino, explained that  BVCHD is not selling its hospital.  “It means that we are creating a partnership that will result in more doctors in Big Bear Valley and more corporate resources for our Administration and Finance Departments and shared services between the two hospitals.” 

Out of many requests by the BVCHD Ad Hoc to hospitals, three responded with packets of information about their specific hospital. Those three are Loma Linda University Medical Center, Riverside Community Hospital and Dignity Health (parent company of St. Bernardine’s Medical Center)

In September 2014, Loma Linda University Medical Center brought a team of their representatives present various medical opportunities that LLUMC has to offer provided the hospital is chosen to affiliate with Bear Valley Community Healthcare. Among the Loma Linda University Medical Center representatives were the Chief Executive Officer, two medical directors and their Director of Business Development. Speaking for the potential teaming with the local hospital were: Kerry Heinrich, CEO of Loma Linda University Medical Center, Dr. Roger Woodruff, Chair of Family Medicine, Dr. Garry FitzGerald, Vice President of Business Development, LLU Health Care, Peter Baker, Vice President of Business Development, LLU Health System. 

Donna Nicely Ad Hoc Committee Chairperson, monitored the interview beginning with introductions of each the Loma Linda group and BVCHD individuals. Each of them gave a brief recap of their accomplishments as well as how Loma Linda University Medical Center can be a great partner to

The Loma Linda team presented an informative power point proposal to an audience of local business owners, hospital employees and residents. Among those attending were: City of Big Bear Lake City Manager Jeff Mathieu, Supervisor James Ramos Representative Liz Harris, City of Big Bear Lake Councilman Dave Caretto, Big Bear Fire Fighter Brian Parham (representing Chief Willis)

Established in 1905, Loma Linda University Medical Center today is the third largest hospital in California.  LLUMC is a Level 4 NICU and comprehensive children’s services (including thirteen specialty team centers) for roughly one fourth of the State of California. LLUMC is the primary training site for over 750 medical residents and fellows. The first infant transplant took place at the Loma Linda hospital. It has a comprehensive cancer program and a pioneer on Cancer Proton Treatment. 

The affiliation considerations LLUMC offers Bear Valley Community Health District discussed were Primary Care Support, Specialist Support and Transfer Relationship.

There was a brief discussion pertaining to the LLUMC presentation with audience participation, all of which encouraging toward an affiliation agreement.  

Because only three BVCHD Board of Directors were present at the meeting with Loma Linda University Medical Center, it was requested that there would be a second meeting with them.

That meeting will be Wednesday November at 3:00 P.M. at the Northwoods Resort in the Village of Big Bear Lake. Presentations of BVCHD potential Hospital Affiliation will begin with Dignity Healthcare, followed by Loma Linda University Medical Center. Anyone interested in the partnering with another hospital are invited to attend.