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According to MARIKAY Lindstrom the Big Bear Airport is one of two of the most challenging airports in California; the other is Catalina Island; to be greatly appreciated by experienced pilots. In fact, it is essential for a new pilot checked-out with an instructor, before attempting to fly into either airport. Each has its own and unique trials. 


About 35 years ago, MARIKAY Lindstrom made her maiden voyage to Big Bear Airport in her own, Cherokee Archer -321. So proud that the landing went smooth the aircraft came to a stop in the middle of the runway. The excitement overwhelmed her; the tears flowing, she heard a voice, ‘It’s not a very safe place and maybe you better taxi-off!’  That day and every day since, Big Bear Airport has been her prized airport!”


A seasoned pilot, MARIKAY Lindstrom has logged many miles, coast to coast of the good ole United States including Alaska. Her various professional capabilities include: Chief Pilot for the Big Bear Airport Staff and Board of Directors, Unicom operator. When with Aero Haven at Big Bear Airport, Marikay transported passengers, cargo, and bank checks across the SoCal.

Through the years she has observed the growth of Big Bear Airport and now, in present time, this Airport is accommodating small jets, both civilian and military, with much improved accommodations to better service Valley Visitors.   


And now…. with the addition of MERCY AIR based right here in our hometown, Big Bear City, California, at Big Bear Airport, we will have new challenges, rather adventures for all concerned.    

Should you or a loved-one have a medical emergency, partners Big Bear Fire Department, Bear Valley Community Healthcare District, Big Bear Airport and Mercy Air have the state-of-the-art service, to take action on a moment’s notice? Big Bear Airport is vital to the people of the Big Bear Valley.   


When all roads are hazardous or closed because of an incident…  When Big Bear Valley access is compromised…  When fire threatens our communities, the AIRPORT IS ACCESSIBLE! 

It is a gateway to the Big Bear Valley and a staging area and communications center for the big tankers, firefighting equipment, aircraft and helicopters.    

Big Bear Airport contributes greatly to the growth, prosperity and safety of our community.  There is nothing I would like to promote more than this airport and the COMMUNITY COMRADERY, CONSIDERATION AND UNDERSTANDING of one another !

When I’m elected to serve as a Director to the Big Bear Airport Board I will make it my first priority!  I’m known to listen to others and empathize with the people of the Valley, about their views for Big Bear Airport. 


As a Director to the Big Bear Airport Board, MARIKAY will be attentive and act upon issues involving the airport staff and/or the Directors.

MARIKAY will strive to inhibit negative press involving the airport and community.  It is unproductive for us all.

MARIKAY is conservative with expenditures, maintaining a healthy reserve while improving the old infrastructure. 

Business woman, MARIKAY Lindstrom opened a successful Optometric Practice in Big Bear Lake, which is successfully continuing today, under new ownership.

MARIKAY Lindstrom worked with the State of California producing the first Big Bear City Airport Economic Impact Report.

She was named Professional Pilot of the year Orange County 99’s (International Organization of Women Pilots) and was Southwest Section Secretary.

MARIKAY participated in the Bear Mountain Adaptive Ski School, the ski patrol, the Performing Arts Center, the Discovery Center and more. MARIKAY Lindstrom was a founding member of Angel Flight volunteers, flying patients and medical supplies for treatment at no-charge. 


As a footnote, MARIKAY Lindstrom was the first woman asked to join the Mens evening Rotary of Big Bear Lake.   She has a varied background in business and aviation, and most qualified, fair, strong, intelligent and has excellent people skills.


MARIKAY Lindstrom concludes, “My greatest goal is to lead the people of this Big Bear Valley, to love the Big Bear Airport as much as I did the first time I landed my little pink airplane in this magnificent valley!” 

“I,  THANK YOU, for Your VOTE for me to serve as a Director on the Big Bear Airport Board of Directors.”     


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                                                                                                                  BARNSTORM FRIENDS 


             International Organization of Women Pilots                

                              Orange County Chapter               

                    Marikay Lindstrom, Diane Myers,

            Irene Engard, Shirley McFall Photo by Marikay 


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                                                            Flying FRIENDS                            Marikay & Assemblyman Jay Obernolte


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