“Thanks VETERANS!”


Families as well as individuals took time at the Big Bear Valley Veterans Day Ceremony to honor all United States Military.   

Hank Peralez and Mayor David Caretto are grateful for those that joined in the event.


Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen.  It is my pleasure to be here representing my colleagues on the Big Bear Lake City Council.  As we celebrate Veterans Day 2015, I feel honored to be standing here, in front of so many people who are interested in honoring our Veterans.  It is especially meaningful for me, as the son and son-in-law of WWII Veterans, and as the father of two Iraq War Veterans and one who also served in Afghanistan and continues to serve. Thank you, All so much for being here.

It is wonderful to see the re-emerging spirit of patriotism in our country! Once again, and hopefully forever more, it is popular to publicly express love for our great country and gratitude for those who have served her. The Patriotic Spirit has spread to Americans of all ages, and it has become very important to support and assist Veterans.  It is indeed a wonderful sight to see! 

Many events which have occurred over the last several years have made us realize what we have as Americans … and the freedom that we enjoy.  Today, we recognize those who have protected and continue to protect, our precious way of life.

Originally called Armistice Day, this day was conceived as a tribute to the Americans who sacrificed their lives during.  Now, we also honor all American Veterans who have served in any war to defend our democracy.  We also honor our Veterans from every period of peace as well, for they have protected what our wartime Veterans fought and died to defend.  In addition, we honor those who presently serve around the globe to keep us safe. 

We celebrate on this day because we know that without our Veterans there would be no Land of the Free …..because they were the BRAVE.  Without the Veterans of the American Revolution, there would not even be a United States of America. 

Without the Veterans of the Civil War … who fought on either side for what they believed in … the strong, enduring, and cohesive United States of America we know today might never have been possible.

Without the World War I and II Veterans we might be living in a country … in a world … where freedom of choice or the right to vote no longer exist or where the freedom of religion or speech is only a memory.  Heck, we might even all be speaking German or Japanese!

Without those who fought in the jungles of Vietnam or the snowy hillsides of Korea or in a number of other parts of the world, our country might be very different.  And without those currently fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and in the War on Terrorism around the world, we could be living in constant fear … or under the repressive control of someone akin to Osama Bin Laden or Mohimar Khadafit … or simply, without the freedoms that we enjoy and, unfortunately,  sometimes take for granted.

All of our Veterans have protected our democracy … our freedom … our way of life.  Today, we honor and thank them.

And tomorrow … we should also continue to honor and support them.  They have given us the chance to live in freedom today and an opportunity to look forward to tomorrow.  They have given us all each glorious day … and they have protected all of our freedoms.  We should...we must honor them every day, and in every way that we can.

I think that the best way to honor our Veterans is to take an active part in maintaining freedom in America.  We should teach future generations about what it means to be an American and the sacrifice which has built this country.  We should encourage young people to proudly support our country by Pledging Allegiance to the United States Flag each and every school day. 

We should volunteer in our communities, as many of you already do …we should insure that we take care of our veterans and their families, including those that are disabled and suffering from PTSD … we should become informed and vote in elections … and we should continue to try to make America the very best that it can be.  Without our Veterans, we wouldn’t be where we are today.  Without you and I, we won’t be able to reach where we could be tomorrow.

I express my thanks to all of the Veterans that our here in the Convention Center today, as we mark this special occasion.  We have a great group of proud Veterans here in the Big Bear Valley. 

Thank you for honoring our Veterans on this day.  May God bless them …and may God Bless the United States of America.