Speaking About Big Bear Fire Authority


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As Chief Willis, BBFA Board Members, and even members of the public pointed out Wednesday,  April 17, 2019, the funding shortage for the Fire Authority is not a new issue. Big Bear’s Fire agencies have worked hard over many years to reduce costs, with the Authority deficit spending for several years to avoid a reduction in service. The Fire Authority has spent the last 2 years doing concerted outreach to help the community understand the severity of the issue, as well as better understand what level of service the community desires. Many workshops, meetings, mailers, polls, and news articles have been used to help educate citizens, but unfortunately it has taken the proposed closure of a fire station to get folks to pay attention. 


While I am hopeful both the Big Bear residents and business community will ultimately understand the benefits of supporting a better-funded and more capable fire service, we have our work cut out for us to gain the 67% support necessary to pass a new revenue measure. Increased response times, higher property insurance rates, and decreased community safety, not to mention fire station closure, will result if we are not successful. That is the financial reality we face.


APRIL 2019   

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