~A Mother ~

~ A Community Leader ~ A Friend ~   

On August 19, 1941, Margaret was born to Earl and Lucy Chappell in National City San Diego County California. Nick-named Micki, was raised and attended school in San Diego.  She met and married Art Luhnow. The Luhnow’s gave birth to and raised four children, Bradley, Brian, Brenda and Bonnie. They are grandparents to Jourdan, Alexa, Trevor and Shelby.

Micki’s second marriage was to Stanley Plummer and together in 1993, they purchased a part-time home in Big Bear Lake.  In 2004, the Plummer’s built their full-time home in Eagle Knolls, in Big Bear Lake.  Sadly, Stan passed way in August of 2011.

Family members and friends in the Big Bear Valley have been encouraged by Micki Plummer‘s forge ahead attitude.  Her dedication to voluntarily serve the community, in her local Baptist Church and contribute major time and talent to the Bear Valley Community Healthcare Hospital Auxiliary, as well as other commitments that Micki choose to participate and serve, all just came naturally.  Various projects and challenges that displayed their needs for assistance in caring for others, automatically appealed to Micki.  

For more than twenty years Micki has been an active member of the First Baptist Church of Big Bear Valley. Meetings with church friends on a regular basis and Bible studies were a major part of her life.  As a member of the Women’s Ministry, she served as President for four years.  Micki Plummer enjoyed monthly meetings with the Women’s Connection. 

Planning and setting up events seemed to be one of those areas that Micki excelled in, such as the BVCH Auxiliary fund-raisers.  The Mall-in-the-Hall and Hot & Saucy events have become popular attractions for the Hospital and the community, while helping to meet the needs of patients. For nine years Micki Plummer has willingly been a leader as the BVCH Auxiliary President. 

Until Wednesday (March 4th) afternoon Micki Plummer performed her role as an Auxiliary volunteer, as though it was her full-time job.  The Pink Lady’s daily beat at the Hospital was to have the Emergency Room covered, as well as the Front Lobby by Auxiliary volunteers.  Wednesday mornings her assigned weekly duty was delivering the Big Bear Grizzly newspapers to patients and hospital staff. Micki greeted everyone throughout each day, whether at the Hospital or anywhere in town, with that Happy Hello and welcomed friendly smile! 

Wednesday March 4, 2015 BVCH Auxiliary President Micki Plummer made her last round, before checking into the BVCH Hospital Emergency Room. Immediately, medical personnel realized that Micki was having difficulties. Complying with her wishes and being among her friends, in the place where she had worked and lived for so many years, Micki Plummer passed away in the afternoon.  

A Celebration of Life Service in Micki’s memory will be at the First Baptist Church, Saturday March 21st. Friends and Family will gather at 11:00 A.M. for the service with a reception immediately following.   

Micki’s Family requests in lieu of flowers, that donations be made to the Micki Plummer Challenge in care of BVCH Auxiliary.   

The First Baptist Church of Big Bear Valley, is located next door to the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station, at 41960 Big Bear Boulevard in Big Bear Lake.  



LEFT   BVCHD Auxiliary President Micki Plummer kids around with actor Steve Cassling during the Pink Glove Campaign.

RIGHT    Mother Grandmother Micki Plummer 



My Mother, Micki and I had a special bond unlike any I have ever experienced. She was a pure joy to be around, so loved and respected by many friends and family. Mom was my rock!  I will miss her smile, her laughter, our many talks in front of the fireplace, our trips to the store, restaurants, post office, crossword puzzle time, Malls In The Hall, Hot & Saucies, Taco Tuesdays, church on Sundays, Friday night bingo, and the countless other times we shared. 

Mom had a glow about her.  She transferred that glow on to her children and grandchildren. She was selfless and kind, generous, confident, beautiful and caring, both inside and out.

I was her Baby Boy, she was my good friend and confidant. I was blessed to have been able to spend so much quality time with someone who I truly loved and cared about. Mom was my everything. I cannot begin to tell you how much I will miss her. I know that she is truly one of God's Angels looking down on all of us with that radiant, beautiful smile.

This beautiful poem from Hallmark describes My Wonderful Mother.

On The Loss Of A Mother


We can shed tears that she is gone. Or we can smile because she has lived.

We can close our eyes and pray that she will come back.

Or we can open our eyes and see all that she has left.

Our hearts can be empty because we can't see her.

Or they can be full of the love that she shared.


We can turn our backs on tomorrow and live yesterday.

Or we can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.

We can remember her and only that she is gone.

Or we can cherish her memory and let it live on. 

We can cry and close our minds, be empty and turn our backs. 


Or we can do what she would have wanted. 

Smile, open our eyes, love and go on. 

 Bradley Luhnow


TOP​    BVCHD Auxiliary Volunteers posing during the  Pink Glove Campaign   

BOTTOM  Left to Right   Jim Ortez, Micki Plummer, Rob Robbins and Sara Tully working the Phone Bank asking for support of the Measure F Parcel Tax. 

Friends Remember   

* Megan Meadors, MOMS & DADS PROJECT

“I have been thinking about our dear friend Micki and her impact on our hospital and on me personally. I know that the front lobby, Board meetings, and Hot & Saucy and other projects will never be the same without her smiling face.  Although there is much pain and loss in these moments I spent a good amount of time last night thinking about her legacy. Micki was a big chunk of the heart and soul of this district. Without her efforts with the Auxiliary and with each of us personally, will leave a gaping hole.” 

“She lived and breathed goodness; she was positive, helpful and straight forward. The work that she did with the Auxiliary will leave big shoes to fill. Micki was always about improving the Hospital.” 

* Betty Cummins, BVCH Auxiliary Pink Lady

“For many years Micki has been a major player in the life at the Hospital and keeping the Auxiliary Pink Volunteers enthused about the service they provide.  Micki was so happy, always greeting people with a big smile.” 

* BVCH Auxiliary Volunteers

Many of the Volunteers have expressed much sadness of Micki’s passing but acknowledged how she has left a unique legacy to the importance of the Auxiliary. The Pink Ladies and Guys must carry on with the guidance of President Micki Plummer, as well as her positive, uplifting charisma that she portrayed wherever she served.”

* Rob Robbins, BVCHD Board of Directors 

“When I asked Micki and the Auxiliary to participate in making telephone calls for the Measure F campaign, Micki said that she would talk to her team and get back to me.  A few days later, I spoke with Micki, she told me that the Auxiliary would take Wednesday to work on the phone bank.  Gratefully I said, ‘That's great!  What Wednesday would you like?"  Micki replied, ‘All of them!’

“Many good people volunteered and made numerous calls.  However, Micki and her team were a real driving force behind the telephone campaign. I'm not sure that Measure F would have passed without Micki's dedicated effort!” 

“Our hospital has lost a huge asset and I have lost a wonderful friend!”    

* Dr. Christopher Fagan, BVCHD Board of Directors describes Micki Plummer as his Best Friend!  He continues, “She was most ethical, honest and a paramount leader in the healthcare community; of which Micki will be greatly missed. It won’t be the same without her laughter and cheerfulness.”     

* Barbara Willey, BVCHD Board of Directors

“As it happened I saw Micki on that Wednesday at her desk, smiling and kidding around as usual. The last stop she made was in the Hospital was to the Emergency Room. In the afternoon, Auxiliary Ladies regrouped to carry on as Micki had directed.  Micki Plummer was known to be a true leader, when it came to fund-raisers or charity events; she delegated the volunteers to making them successful.” 

“During Measure F campaign, Micki rallied her team together to help with  the phone bank.  She and her team never complained but joked about the not too friendly folks.  Micki and the BVCH Auxiliary volunteers were there to help Ray Hino, staff and I with the town halls meetings.”   

“Part of the job was, helping in E R with transporting patients and checking in with folks, that everybody was okay.  Micki was fun, full of energy, a team player and a leader, a go-to gal. You asked for it and it was done, she never said, No.”

* Elaine W. Trei, Physical Therapist

“BVCHD Hospital has lost a great advocate, a supporter, a LADY! One who believed in what BVCHD believes in, and the community we served; she cared about the residents and the employees. The Physical Therapy department, is aware that Micki brought us the weekly Grizzly along with her Special Smile.   

For me personally, she was a wonderful listener, with no judgments, just listened, which is a special gift.  If asked, she would give advice but never forcefully. Thanks to her encouragement the Auxiliary, donated numerous items for physical therapy equipment and needs for the residents.” 

“Micki and I just happened to go to Special Effects at the same time to get our hair done. I never felt her hair ever needed to be done.  It was fun to see her Special Smile each Thursday morning, assuring me the day would be a great day!
That smile was how she was able to touch people's lives; a true gift to the Hospital and to the Big Bear Community.”
“I will miss her for the rest of my life. That hoped-for dinner or lunch with each other, never happened. Often, Micki and I passed in the hospital hallways but she had no idea how she affected my life. The way she viewed the world with her kind words, the genuineness of her personality, her big smile She was always happy and content with her beliefs about life.  So many of us go through life and never reach that plateau of knowing ourselves and accept who we are, or accept others for where they are on their life’s journey. Micki Plummer was A Great LADY!”