​  The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 



Dr. King, addressing the crowd at the March on Washington, delivers his famous

I Have a Dream speech. August 28, 1963


FRONT PAGE: November 8, 1964 Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. smiles with parishoners

on the day it is announced that he has won the Nobel Prize for Peace.



Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a man of faith who inspired us and continues to inspire us to fight for civil rights, to fight poverty, to fight injustice, and to strive for peace through peaceful means.

The past month has been very difficult for the people of this county; we have been faced with tremendous loss and have the difficult task of finding a way to move past tragedy. We also learned about an enemy that seemed so foreign; terrorism. Yet, never has terrorism been so real to the people of this county than on Dec. 2nd. Everything changed that day. We lost friends, family, co-workers, and beloved employees.

As we remember the life of a great man like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we can use his guidance to help us heal and recover from the tragic events of Dec. 2nd. He once said, “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” This still rings true today. Fight hate with love and strive for peace. We should always strive for peace.

We will never forget those we lost that day, like we will never forget Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a man who devoted his life through faith to fight for what he believed was right.


By-James Ramos is Chairman of the

San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors