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City Council Big Bear Lake and Staff are persistently working towards constructing a community in which Winter is enjoyable for both residents and visitors alike. In an effort to do so, the City of Big Bear Lake will be imposing a series of enforcements that include altering residential parking standards. The supreme goal of these changes is to ease congestion and limit illegal parking for the benefit of our residents and to enhance the experience of our visitors.

These specific parking restrictions, which were approved by the City Council on November 13, 2017 are a direct response to the substantial amount of complaints received by residents in regard to unwarranted parking in neighborhoods adjacent to ski resorts and empty parcel lots used for snow play. We are optimistic that these changes will reduce the myriad of issues our residents experience in the Winter season.

As a way of enforcing these changes, signs will be posted at various locations and as the signs will permit, street parking will be prohibited between the hours of 7:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. beginning as early as November 2017 - when snowfall begins- and will be enforced until the first of May 2018.

These parking limits are to be adhered to yearly and become effective immediately.

In addition, a number of streets will be allotted No Parking Anytime signs which can be seen on Talmadge Road beginning at Big Bear Boulevard until the end of the pavement, Moonridge Road beginning at Sunset Drive up to Tehama Drive, Crestwood Drive beginning at Switzerland Drive until Brownie Lane, Club View Drive beginning at Moonridge Road up to Goldmine Drive and on the eastside of Forest Road.

For a complete list of streets subjected to limited street parking during the Winter season please visit the city’s website at:

For more information please contact the City at (909) 866- 5831 or