4 Weather Systems   in 6 Days   





An active weather pattern is expected to set up for next week resulting in several storm systems potentially impacting the area.



Clark, Lincoln, Nye, Esmeralda, Inyo, San Bernardino and Mohave Counties


  HIGH Confidence      Pattern change taking place next week.

LOW Confidence    Timing and strength of separate storm systems, precipitation amounts and exact snow levels.




A shift in the main storm track is expected to finally take place early next week. This is more typical of the storm track during an El Niño episode in which the main storm track is aimed at southern California and Arizona. A series of storm systems is expected to work across the area during this time frame. As stated above, confidence is low in the exact timing and strength of these storm systems as well as exact precipitation amounts and snow levels.


Monday Morning-Monday Night

● First storm system possible.

● Some models take this storm directly south of all or much of the area, therefore at this time the best chance of showers will be in San Bernardino, Mohave and southern Clark Counties.


● Likely to be a bigger precipitation event for the entire area compared to the Monday system.

● May be one defined storm or two separate systems, thus precipitation could be spread out over a longer period or in shorter breaks.

● This system may have a tap of better moisture with it, which could bode well for heavier precipitation amounts.


● At this time, this is expected to be a system that approaches from the northwest, which would favor a colder storm with less moisture to work with. This would result in lower snow levels compared to the above two storms.

● Trajectory of this system could result in some areas seeing no precipitation at all, but still experience clouds and wind.