Assemblyman Jay Obernolte represents the 33rd Assembly District


YES on Proposition 6   

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There has been intense debate lately about Proposition 6, the voter initiative that would repeal the recently enacted gasoline and vehicle registration tax. Special interests in California are spending over $45 million to spread the false narrative that voting Yes on 6 will lead to crumbling roads and bridges. The truth is that California already collects more than enough taxes and fees to fix our roads, but the government chooses to spend it in other ways.  For the politicians to then tell us they need more of our money to maintain our streets is unconscionable.


Our state just passed its largest budget in history which included a $9 billion surplus. Since you first elected me to the State Assembly in 2014, our state budget has grown by over $36 billion. Do you know how much of that budget increase has been allocated to roads?  Not a single cent of it! In fact, every year we divert billions of dollars away from roads, and unfortunately the recent tax increases only continue that practice.


Since 2011 over $1 billion in vehicle weight fees has been used to subsidize the General Fund every year. This money is collected from heavy trucks to offset the wear and tear they do to our roads, but instead goes to pay for the State’s bond debt. As Vice Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee I have fought against this and other diversions of our tax dollars. By voting Yes on Prop 6 we will send a message to the Sacramento politicians that we have had enough.


As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I can also attest to the fact that our government mismanages the money we collect from drivers. In fact, 30% of even the most recent gas and car tax increases are diverted to non-road related projects. Even here in San Bernardino County,  gas tax dollars collected at the pump are being used to pay for rail projects and toll lanes. Using gas tax revenue to build lanes we must then pay an additional toll to drive on is double taxation and is unfair.


Proposition 6 also amends the state constitution to require that any future gas or car tax increases be approved by a vote of the people. This is critical to protecting us from out-of-control tax-and-spend politicians. Prop 6 forces the Legislature to be accountable for the money they already collect before they ask us for more.


A Yes vote on Prop 6 is good for working families in our District, many of whom commute long distances to work and struggle each month to pay their bills.  Approving Proposition 6 will save the average family between $650 and $1000 every year. Please join me in voting Yes on Prop 6 to repeal the unfair gas and car tax increases.



Assemblyman-O-_200.jpg    Assemblyman Jay Obernolte represents the 33rd Assembly District, which includes the San Bernardino County communities of Adelanto, Apple Valley, Baker, Barstow, Big Bear City, Big Bear Lake, Big River, Crestline, Fort Irwin, Hesperia, Johnson Valley, Lake Arrowhead, Lenwood, Lucerne Valley, Needles, Oak Hills, Phelan, Running Springs, Silver Lakes, Trona, Twentynine Palms Base, Twin Peaks and Victorville.