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FAA to Move Nighttime Flights



Washington D.C. April 26, 2018____ Representative Paul Cook (R-Apple Valley) announced Thursday that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will begin redirecting nighttime arrivals into Ontario International Airport through a new procedure labeled JCKIE that is designed to minimize nighttime impacts on residents in Lake Arrowhead. JCKIE is a new flight path that avoids direct flight over the region.

Representative Paul Cook has had multiple meetings with FAA officials to discuss what can be done to move the flight path away from populated areas. Through his efforts, along with those from Supervisor Janice Rutherford, Senator Dianne Feinstein, and Senator Kamala Harris, the FAA attended a community meeting in Lake Arrowhead in January to listen to community concerns and discuss potential solutions to an issue that has plagued Lake Arrowhead residents since April of 2017.

Rep. Cook said, “This change is a direct result of all those in the community, most notably members of Quiet Skies Lake Arrowhead, who wrote letters, sent emails, and circulated petitions to move the flight path. Since they brought this issue to my attention, I’ve worked closely with the FAA and my colleagues in Washington D.C. to find a solution.

This change is the first step towards permanently relocating the flight pattern away from mountain communities. I hope that it provides some measure of relief to those affected by this problem, and I’ll continue to advocate for a permanent relocation of the flight pattern away from Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding communities.” 



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Congressman Cook is a member of the House Natural Resources, Armed Services, and Foreign Affairs Committees, Cook served as an infantry officer and retired after 26 years as a Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps. During his time in combat, he was awarded the Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts.