The mission of Big Bear Mutual Water District is to maintain Big Bear Lake for recreation and wildlife.

April 2020____ The awesome, beautiful, reason most of all residents and visitors have come to the mountain attraction, Big Bear Lake will NOT OPEN for the scheduled Spring 2020 Season! At the March 31, 2020 Big Bear Mutual Water District Operations Committee meeting, marina owners, operators, business owners and the public anxiously awaited the announcement of an opening date from the board of directors.

The Board of Directors consists of: Bob Ludecke, Larry Cooke, John Eminger, and Tom Bradford.  Those also present were:  John Osbone, Steve Pontell, Loren Hafen, John Saunders, Jeff Cooper, Shane Fowler, Steve Fengler, Shelly Fengler,and Kathie Portie, Big Bear Grizzly Editor.  

MWD General Manager, Mike Stephenson, called on Marina Owners one by one, to comment and express their concerns about the Big Bear Lake Spring opening.

Everyone was on the same page about postponing the opening of the ramp until May 1st and  at that meeting they would reevaluate at the April 16, 2020 Board meeting. It is in the best interest of Big Bear Valley that the opening up be postponed because of the COVID-19 Crisis orders and would keep within the best interests of those orders.  In the meantime, everyone present agreed to would work within Governor Newsom’s guidelines to prepare for the future date. 

BBMWD is located in the city of Big Bear Lake at 40524 Lakeview Drive. Mail at: Post Office Box 2863. 

Phone us at: 909-866-5796, fax at: 909-866-6485.   

 By Editor E T Russell, April 2020