JAY Obernolte

Obernolte  FOR 33rd Assembly District


Obernolte is prepared …. to bring a business approach to Sacramento

Obernolte believes that our government in Sacramento is dysfunctional; it’s time to bring a business approach to solve the serious issues facing our economy.  More importantly, too many of our neighbors remain out of work and those that are working, face higher taxes to pay for our state’s out-of-control spending.  

For the first time in years, a combination of slow economic recovery and higher taxes has resulted in a state budget surplus.  Unfortunately, it’s clear our state government plans to squander this surplus by increasing spending on programs that do nothing to create new jobs in our community. I feel this is extremely irresponsible. 

Obernolte believes we all need to put our fiscal house in order by paying down our debt and establish a rainy day fund to guard against future economic downturns.

jay Obernolte a family-man, and his wife, Heather have made Big Bear Lake their home for 19 years. Sons, Hale and Troy are active with their school activities and extra-curricular projects. Heather and Jay participate in service organizations and community events.  

Business Owner Obernolte…. says he doesn’t have all the answers, but acknowledges that he has built a successful business that employs good people. Founded by Obernolte, his company, FarSight employs 25 local residents and develops videogame technology for Sony, Microsoft, Google, and Apple. 

OWNER OBERNOLTE owns PUMA Karate in Moonridge, Big Bear Lake. Obernolte, a fifth-degree Black Belt in Pacific Martial Arts, believes martial arts instill the virtues of mental toughness, hard work, and discipline.  

mayor jay OBERNOLTE has made a positive impact on the City of Big Bear Lake, California and plans to share greater, conservative economic ideas to create jobs, eliminate wasteful government spending, and protect taxpayers. “I can bring people together as one voice, for our region in the fight for lower taxes and to reform our dysfunctional state government” he states.

As Mayor, he serves as a Director on the Big Bear Lake Fire Protection Board and sits on the Big Bear Fire Authority.  Regionally, he has served as a Director on the Mojave Desert and Mountain Integrated Waste JPA Board, the Mountain Area Regional Transit Authority Board, and on the League of California Cities Desert-Mountain Division.

“I’m tremendously humbled to have earned the confidence of the membership of the San Bernardino County Republican Party and look forward to preserving that trust in the months ahead.  My candidacy represents a desire to bring a business approach to balance our state budget, restore our lagging economy, protect taxpayers - it’s clear our message resonates with Republicans,” said Obernolte.

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