Chaplain JOHN DAY Retires 

In Appreciation 14 Years + Hours


Fire Chief Jeff Willis and Yvette Eddy, Field Representative for Assemblyman Jay Obernolte with Chaplain John Day


Tuesday April 28th, the Big Bear Fire Authority honored Chaplain John Day his for his many years of valuable service and contribution to the Big Bear Valley.  Fire Chief Jeff Willis presented Chaplain Day with a fire patch appreciation plaque Chief Willis stated, Chaplain Day is a dedicated man that was dispatched to respond to our community’s needs 24/7.  Also, Yvette Eddy, Field Representative for Assemblyman Jay Obernolte, presented a Certificate of Appreciation to John Day for his outstanding service to the Big Bear Valley

Chaplain Day began his work with the Bear Valley Trauma Response Team (TRT) in 2000 and in 2005 he assumed the leadership role of the team.  The TRT is a group of Big Bear Chaplains and Pastors with the primary responsibility to support the fire departments in situations involving the loss of life.  Chaplains are dispatched at the request of the Fire Department to provide support to survivors, which includes grief counseling and guidance in making initial necessary decisions.

Often while waiting for the arrival of the Coroner or mortuary, Chaplain Day would spend 3 to 5 hours or more on the scene comforting family members and friends.  Chaplain Day’s volunteer statistics are overwhelming with approximately 800 hours logged and being dispatched over 230 times in the past 14 years!

Additionally, the Chaplains provide assistance to the Sheriff Department by assisting survivors, family members, and visitors with needed information.  This allows the deputies to conduct investigations and develop the incident reports.

Chaplain Day has offered to train future volunteers and would be available in a major emergency.  Chaplain Day will continue to serve with the Mountain Mutual Aid as a Chaplain and as a Logistics Section Member during large incidents.